Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tutorial: Rock n Roll Bombshell by Mineral Love

I have an 80's themed birthday party to attend this weekend, so I've been playing around with different eye looks. This was by far one of my favorites. I want to show you how to acheive this bad-ass Rock n Roll Bombshell look. Enjoy!

Get this look!: Rock n Roll Bombshell

Eyes- Phase 1- Apply Bombshell from upper lash line to above the crease, angling slightly upwards at the outer corner. Next, apply Christina on your brow bone. Blend the two colors where they meet (it will create a smoky effect.)

Phase 2- Using black liquid liner, line your upper and lower lash line, extending the point downward about a quarter-inch from the inner corner and upward about one-half-inch from the outer corner of the eye. *note- if you have trouble with traditional liquid liner (the kind with a brush applicator) try using a liquid liner with a "felt-tip" applicator. It's like using a marker; you'll have more control over the line.

*tip- Cotton swabs are a girl's best friend! The pointy ended ones (yes, that's the technical term) are awesome for cleaning up any mistakes. Just dampen with water or eye makeup remover to touch up any areas that went awry.

Phase 3- Use a black wax pencil to line your upper and lower water line. Apply black mascara to top and bottom lashes, applying as many coats as it takes to acheive spiky, rockerish lashes.

Face- Start with foundation to even out skin tone. Apply Frenchy along your cheekbones and the apples of your cheeks. Dust Christina onto the highest point of your cheekbone for highlight.

Lips- Mix Frenchy with your favorite clear lip gloss. Don't worry about lip liner; you want your eyes to take center stage for this look.


Love this look? I'd be happy to see your fan photos!

Visit and post your take on this Rock n Roll Bombshell look.

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Crystal from KIZZ said...

very sexy! looks awesome! Have a great party this weekend! yo better watch it or you will take all the attention! 8)

Made for Me by Oaklie said...

Very Chic!! Love it Tricia!!! Have fun!! :D

Giovanna ♥ said...

Super cute and sexy! I love it!

Tricia said...

Thank you so much!! The party was a BLAST! I need to post some pictures!!

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